Wednesday, May 12, 2010


One night my husband and I were sitting in our local hangout. The conversation turned to
911. The manager of the restaurant shared with us the story of the birth of his niece. Born on
September 11, 2001 in Montana by C-section "between the towers" it reminded me
of my sister's birth story.

I started wondering about all the children with 911 cakedays. They are soon to be nine year olds.
I thought each of their parents must have a story to tell, each child a story as well.

My sister has shared her birthdate her whole life, with celebration, an anniversary is also celebrated.
When she turned 10, the 10th anniversary of the JFK assassination, when she turned 25, and so on.

When did she realize she shared a birthdate with an anniversary. Do the 911 cakeday children realize it
yet? I wonder how it has changed the way they celebrate? We had parties for my sister and never changed
a thing. Is a 911 birthdate different?

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  1. I am the mom of the niece ;). Makenna is my 911 baby and I do have to say that she knows there is something special about that day. She has always been very curious about the happenings of the day as well as had a very strong pull to anything patriotic. Her fav color every since she could pick was red until a year or so ago it turned to blue. She has picked "American Flag" birthday themes for 6 of her last 8 b-days. I'm not sure she understand completly the magnitude of the day she was born but I defaintely believe she is a special spirit that was meant to come when she did. As were all the babies born that day or any other day where tragedy makes a headline. I was asked how I felt about that day so many times, i was overjoyed at the birth of my daughter, what a mix of emotions to see how the world was hurting when all I felt was pure joy! She is an awesome girl and certainly a brightspot on each anniversary. Her first birthday we were spoken harshly to by quite a few people who happened by the park asking what we could be doing celebrating on a day like today didn't we know what day it was.....YES, my daughters birthday. Thanks for you words, I loved it--Tina.